Research results

Here you will find the final report of the ZorgBeest project (in Dutch), as well as our other scientific publications of this project (English). We also provide the list of publications to which we refer in the guidelines.

ZorgBeest final report





papers we refer to in the guidelines

What about nurses and animal assisted interventions?

De Mits Sibbel, Sannen Adinda, Vos Jeroen, de Cartier Aymeline, Vervaecke Hilde & Tency Inge (2017) Care Congress, Belgium, February 8-10, 2017.

Guidelines for dog visits in hospital settings focusing on dog welfare. 

Sannen Adinda, de Cartier Aymeline & Vervaecke Hilde (2016) ISAE Benelux Conference, The Netherlands, October 13, 2016. 

From theory to therapy room: a dog’s point of view

de Cartier Aymeline, Moeyersons Sam, Vervaecke Hilde & Sannen Adinda (2017) ISAE Benelux Conference, The Netherlands, October 12, 2017