Welcome to ZorgBeest

ZorgBeest is a research project from Odisee University College focusing on the welfare of animals used in Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI), without of course losing sight of human welfare.

In addition to the more researched impact of AAI on people, the still-small amount of research into the impact of AAI on the animals involved has shown that it can be a positive experience for them as well, as long as the nature of each individual animal is taken into account. But how do we do that?

In order to support care facilities in starting up or improving AAI programmes, we went in search of scientific information and supplemented this with advice from experts and experience in the field. This resulted in practical guidelinesfor ensuring the welfare of AAI animals.

We also looked into the rolethat caregiverscan play in this. We want this website to function as a platformwhere those who are interested can find events and coursesfor Animal Assisted Interventions.

This research is financed via a PWO grant from the Flemish Government to Odisee University College.

Would you like to show this video in your facility? Send an email to info@zorgbeest.be and we will send you an MP4 version free of charge.